15 Popular Student Council Fundraising Ideas

Be fundraisers for school to spread the word about your silent auction fundraiser event using social media, texting, email, and good old fashioned word-of-mouth advertising. Now that you’ve had the chance to explore our favorite fundraising ideas, we hope you find one that works for your fundraising needs. Every parent knows that getting affordable childcare for a night out can be nearly impossible.
Sell tickets to your concert and make sure to mention that the proceeds will go to support your cause. Divide participants into teams (or ask them to sign up as teams). Prepare a list of questions based on a particular theme and have a volunteer “Quiz master” who can ask the questions. Sell tickets to participate and offer a prize for the winning team. Choose a restaurant and a date for your event, and a percentage of all sales will be donated back to your cause! With restaurants participating all around the country, you’re guaranteed to find a delicious partner giving back near you.
Some schools create a donor wall or donor walk that allows businesses and individuals to place their company logo or business name on a wall-of-fame-style display. You’ll receive FREE fundraising brochures and FREE Shipping opportunities with all fundraising programs. Tiny triathlons around school ovals, through playgrounds and jumping over sandpits is another great way to have dollar donation fundraiser. Lots of different obstacles can be constructed for the run.
It’s a great way to get active, and the kids get to go outside. Free Dress Days can bring such great engagement with the students and can be educational. Giving the free dress days a theme or a colour for awareness such as bringing a dollar donation to come dressed in pink for breast cancer. Luckily some fundraising platforms, including JustFundraising, have started to add more lower-priced options to their rosters.
Rather than hiring (yet another) design firm to come up with this year’s T-shirt, why not let the kids take a crack at it? Students will submit their own designs for T-shirts or sweatshirts, and community members can vote on their favorite submission by donating a small fee (e.g., $1). That way, your organization earns funds two ways—first through the voting process, then by selling shirts with the winning design. Did you know that one of our most popular school fundraising brochures is our $10 $10 Cookie dough tubs?
Prizes can range between various categories, such as birds, cats, dogs, chameleons, etc., and one grand prize for the cutest pet across all the categories. The student must pay a small entry fee for each pet entered into the competition. What better way to show off your students’ furry (or scaly, feathery, etc.) friends than by having a pet contest at school? Take advantage of this by holding a pet contest to find your school’s cutest pet. Getting rid of the uniform for a day will raise the excitement and enjoyment for your next fundraiser.
Recreate the Cinderella charity ball for your fundraising event. You can partner with different organizations as sponsors for the event. Parents can purchase tickets to attend the dance-a-thon and in the venue of the event, you can sell snacks, food, and drinks to raise extra money. Everyone appreciates a little help with the kids, even if they have to pay for it. You can pair teachers with students, and have them babysit for one evening while the parents are away at work or having a time-out.
Since 1994 ShopWithScrip has worked with over 48,000 organizations to raise more than $700 million. For supporters who prefer the physical coupons, books are shipped free and memberships are good for one year. If you’re interested in selling quality cookie dough, we can help. We got the bulbs, sorted them, and distributed them yesterday. The sale went over with a bang and people are asking for more.